Update On Options Risk Management

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Update On Options Risk Management

As you’ve probably noticed already I have had to scale back on my time with the member only Twitter accounts and on certain posts in recent weeks. I will soon be joining a local financial services/insurance firm, which will likely be next month or early October. In doing so I have decided that I won’t have the time to keep up with a subscription service (at least to the level I want it to be) and my new career. Unfortunately I will be ending the ORM subscription service completely and 1 on 1 equity/options mentoring at least temporarily. I will continue to operate OptionsRiskManagement.com, contribute to See It Market (and probably TraderPlanet occasionally), and tweet/share on my personal Twitter and StockTwits accounts. The primary focus of what I share will be technical and fundamental analysis on sectors and various markets.

There is no exact final date on the subscription service, but the last member only article will be sometime late this month or early next month. Some of you will be owed refunds and I will get those to you within a month after the final day of the service. I will be cancelling (making sure it doesn’t renew again) everyone’s recurring subscription within the next couple of days. Also, even after I have cancelled each subscription you’ll still be able to login and access premium content (including member only Twitter accounts) until I delete the accounts personally.

I’d like to thank everyone over the past 2 and years who was a subscriber, student, anyone who visited OptionsRiskManagement.com, and helped me put it together. It has been a great time working with everyone. I look forward to my next journey and wish each and every one of you the best in yours.

Mitchell Warren, Founder of OptionsRiskManagement.com

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