2013-06-22-Free Trade of the Day

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 Free Trade of the Day

Buy the (VZ) June 28 weekly $49/$50.50 call spread for a $0.70 debit or better

Stop loss- None

(The $0.70 debit is roughly the same as buying Verizon shares using a stop loss)

Upside target- $1.50

Verizon Communications

Notes: The maximum gain is the width between the spread ($50.50-$49=$1.50) minus the $0.70 debit, so you can make money up to $50.50 level. Remember that call spreads are done all in one trade. Buy 1 June 28 weekly $49 call ($0.90) and sell 1 June $50.50 call ($0.20), all in one transaction. You can also just buy the June 28 weekly $49 call or sell the June 28 weekly $51 instead of the $50.50, but these trades will require more capital.

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