2013-06-14-Smart Money Report

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Smart Money Report

  1. DUST- 4,220 July $127 calls were purchased for $2.95 each, against open interest of 1 contract. The 3x leveraged bear gold miner ETF is bouncing off of the 50-day EMA, up over 3% on the day.
  2. LSI- 10,000 Jan. 2014 $9 calls were sold for $0.22 each, against open interest of 89 contracts. This trade was likely done against a long stock position.
  3. TIVO- 10k Aug. $13 calls were bought for $0.27-$0.30 each, against open interest of 5,814 contracts. TiVo shares are down 17% since the close of June 6th.
  4. TMUS- 10,000 Aug. $24 calls were bought for $0.94-$1.06 each, against open interest of 1,333 contracts. Shares of T-Mobile are breaking out above the $22 resistance level today.
  5. AAPL- Apple shares are set to close lower for the seven out of the last nine trading sessions. Call to put ratio in the June options is 1.07, led by activity in the June $435 puts.

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