2013-05-22-Smart Money Report

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Smart Money Report

  1. HPQ- Yesterday someone bought 5,000 May 24 weekly $23.50 calls for $0.11-$0.13 each, ahead of tonight’s earnings report. Analysts are looking for $0.81 in EPS and revenue of $28.1 billion. The options market is implying a $1.63 move, or 7.65%, in either direction.
  2. JRCC- The July $3/$3.50 call spread was put on 2,500 times for a $0.20 debit. Volume was well above the open interest in both options. Shares of James River Coal have more than doubled from the April lows.
  3. MYL- The Jan. 2014 $27/$33 bull risk reversal was put on over 5k times for roughly a $1.10 debit. Open interest was below the volume from today’s trade. Mylan shares hit another all-time high today.
  4. ZNGA- 2k Sep. $4.50 calls were purchased for $0.22-$0.24 each, against open interest of 5,253 contracts. Zynga shares are up fractionally today.
  5. AAPL- Apple is near the lows of the day, but is higher by 0.65% nonetheless. Call to put ratio in the May 24 weekly options is 1.46, led by activity in the May 24 weekly $450 calls.

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