2013-03-08-Afternoon Unusual Options Activity

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  1. SPY- Early this morning,  8,000 Mar. 22 weekly  $155 puts were purchased for $1.52. This bear is looking for a short-term drop in the market or is a possible hedge against his/her portfolio.
  2. CPRT- Nearly 4,300 May. $35 calls have traded today, with the largest blocks bought for $0.60-$0.65. Open interest was only 1,090 before today’s action.
  3. DKS- Shares of Dicks Sporting Goods were down for the majority of the day and call buyers were stepping into the Mar. $50.50 and $53 calls. (DKS) is set to report earnings before the bell on Monday morning.
  4. BMC- Long-term bulls were stepping into BMC Software calls this morning. 4k Jan. 2014 $45 calls were purchased for $2.80 each. The Jan. 2014 $47 calls were also active around the same time that the $45 calls were bought.
  5. VIX- Four of the five most active Mar. options were puts, a reflection of the 3% drop in the spot Vix. The Mar. $14 puts traded over 30k times, with 6k puts bought in late trading for $0.75 each.


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