2013-03-06-Unusual Options Activity

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  1. QCOM- The Jan. 2014 $62.50/$70 Bull Risk Reversal was put on 5,700 times for a $0.25 credit. Breakeven on this trade is $69.75 by January options expiration.
  2. GOL- 2,500 July $7.50 calls were bought for $0.60 each. Open interest was only 12 contracts before this trade was initiated.
  3. RCL- 2,400 June $34 calls were purchased for up to $2.65. Volume was above the 178 contracts that were previously open.
  4. NDAQ- One bull is taking some profits off of the table and rolling his/her position into June. 4k Mar. $31 calls were sold for $1.75 each and at the same time 4k June $36 calls were bought for $1.05-$1.10.
  5. HD- Another rollout trade. 3k May $67.50 calls were sold for $4.04 and then he/she used the proceeds to buy 3k of the May $72.50 calls for $1.26 each. Volume was below OI in the $67.50 calls but above in the new purchased $72.50 calls.
  6. JDSU- 10,000 Mar. $14 puts were bought for $0.30-$0.35 each, as JDS Uniphase shares were under pressure today. Volume was nearly six times the open interest.
  7. IYR- Puts lead the action in the Real Estate ETF today. The Mar. $68 and Apr. $67 puts have volumes above 25k contracts traded, as the ETF hit new highs before backing off.
  8. NVDA- Huge buying in the Mar. $13 calls within the first half hour of trading. Nearly 19k contracts have traded, going for as much as $0.26 each. However, volume was below the open interest of 37,783 contracts.
  9. FXB- One bear thinks that the British Pound is due for a deep sell off later this year. 1,000 Sep. $135/$140 put spreads were bought for a $0.68 debit. There wasn’t any previous open interest in either strikes.
  10. AAPL- The call/put ratio in shares of Apple was near 1.30, with light volume in the options today. The Mar. 8 weekly $430 call and the $425 put were the only strikes with volume above 20k contracts. Apple shares are losing some of yesterday’s gains, down over 1%.

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