2013-03-05-Unusual Options Activity

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  1. CLF- 1,500 Mar. $25 calls were bought for $0.47 early this morning. Small buyers have been stepping throughout the day, with volume exceeding 3k contracts.
  2. JNPR- One buyer purchased 8k Apr. $21 calls for up to $0.63-$0.67 each. Open interest was only 876 contracts before today’s action.
  3. SGMO- 2,000 Apr. $10 puts were sold for $0.65, as the trader bets on Sangamo Biosciences staying above $10 into April options expiration.
  4. CREE- A buyer of the Apr. $52.50 calls bought 5,600 contracts for $1.10-$1.25 each. OI was a mere 86 contracts, so this was new activity.
  5. AMTD- Another 40k of Aug. $23 calls were bought, paying $0.35 each. This is following last week’s 40k bought for up to $0.25. We’re long the Aug. $23 calls from last Thursday.
  6. CAH- 6,000 Apr. $45 puts were bought for $0.65 and $0.70. Shares of Cardinal Health are nearing new highs, up fractionally on the day.
  7. NBL- The Mar. $105 puts have traded over 2,100 times today, with one large block of over 1,200 puts going for up to $0.95. Open interest was just 335 contracts yesterday.
  8. SPY- The put/call ratio on the Mar. 8 weekly options is just over 1.54. Despite the new 52-week highs in the S&P 500, the $153, $153.50, and $154 puts lead the action in the short dated options. The $155 calls were also active, trading north of 30k contracts.
  9. VXX- 13k Apr. $30 calls have traded today, lead by multiple blocks of 1k+ contracts going for $0.47-$.50 each. The (VXX) would need a 36%+ gain to breakeven on these trades. Volume was above the open interest.
  10. ACHN- Over 2,000 Sep. $10/$15 call spreads were bought for roughly a $1.20 debit. He/she stands to make over 300%, if Achillion Pharmaceuticals shares are above $15 on September options expiration.


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