2013-03-04-Unusual Options Activity

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  1. TLT- 3,000 May $123 calls were bought for $0.96-$1.02 each. Open interest was only 192 contracts, so this was new activity.
  2. STX- One bull bought 7,500 Apr. $35/$38 call spreads for a $0.47 debit. Volume was above the OI in both strikes.
  3. TROX- Nearly 3k of Apr. $22.50 calls were bought $0.50, looking for a 10%+ move over the next month and a half.
  4. MHP- A long-term investor purchased 3,500 Jan. 2015 $50 calls for $4.70. Less than 100 contracts were open previous to this trade.
  5. CMCSK- 3k Apr. $40 calls were bought for $0.40, as he/she looks for new highs to come by April options expiration.
  6. WSM- Over 2,300 of the Mar. $46 puts were purchased in early trading for up to $1.61 each. The stock has lost all of the early gains, now in negative territory.
  7. TPX- Nearly 9,000 of the Mar. $41/$45 call spreads for bought for a $1.25 debit. Volume surpassed the open interest in both strikes.
  8. MAC- During the 2:00 P.M. hour, over 6,500 of the out-of-the-money Mar. $65 calls went for up to $0.20 a piece. Someone is looking for a big move by next Friday.
  9. PKX- 2,350 May $85 calls were purchased for $0.60 each. Open interest was a mere 130 contracts.
  10. HK- 10k Oct. $7 puts traded for $1.40-$1.60 in late trading. Halcon Resources shares are down over 5% on the day.

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